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Hasan Mahmud ShahriarHasan Mahmud Shahriar
20:04 14 Apr 22
Got really professional service from them. They were very knowledgeable and helpful. They have done the work for me the way I wanted. Highly recommended.
Marzan AlanaMarzan Alana
02:41 14 Apr 22
Great workers. Called them to help my friend with their kitchen. We are all happy with the outcome.
Gurdip SinghGurdip Singh
00:29 14 Apr 22
I have been working with them for quite long time. They are very promising and honest. Strongly recommended builder. One of the best.
Shak Md Bazlur RahamanShak Md Bazlur Rahaman
03:10 02 Apr 22
When I was contemplating signing the contract agreement with idea Development inc. (IDI) to build my legal basement suite, initially, I was a bit worried about its work performance as the company was relatively less known to me. But in the end, my builder proved me wrong. They delivered a high-quality product that I expected. IDI used quality materials in all areas of the development work. Their work and its finishing in the kitchen, bathroom, bedrooms, living room, everywhere so impressive I must say! I have seen IDI use a highly experienced plumber, electrician, painter, carpenter, and floor contractor. They didn’t compromise on the quality of the total work that I must acknowledge. During the whole construction period, they maintained cleanliness properly and kept everything neat and organized. They managed the dust flow and wastage very professionally. I must recommend them for their work ethics, commitment, and professionalism as a builder. They completed the job within the timeframe that they promised. IDI got to win my trust for sure!

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